• DAYJOY Elegant Side Ultra Thin Slim Flip Flio Leather Protective Bumper Case Cover Shell with stand function for HTC DESIRE 816(BLACK)

    Classic, Protective and Elegant are the most suitable words to describe this cool flip case! Check it out! Made of high-quality and durable PU leather, it protects your HTC Desire 816 from shocks, bumps, scratches and other kinds of impact while possessing an ultra-thin shape. What’s more, this elegant case can also be folded for stand function, giving you the best hands-free viewing experience. Buy now!

    $79.00 $11.98
  • DAYJOY Luxury Ultra Thin Aluminum Alloy Protective Metal Bumper Frame Case Cover Shell for HTC DESIRE 816 (BLACK)

    Looking for a new armor for your HTC Desire 816? Then this is highly recommended! Check it out! Made of aluminum alloy, this ultra-thin case provides your device with great protection against shocks, bumps, scratches and other kinds of damage thanks to its durable material and highly protective metal bumper frame. Also, the cut-outs are exact, making the case fit your device perfectly. Shield your phone from impact with this defensive case now!

    $79.00 $14.99
  • Executive Faux Leather Case (LEA936) for HTC Desire 816 + Windshield Mount + Auxilary Audio Cable

    Looking for protection, elegance and convenience? Then this case will definitely satisfy your need! Made of high-quality premium faux leather, it fully protects your HTC Desire 816 against bumps, dents and scratches while its magnetic closing flap offers total security. Convenience is also offered wit h fixed belt clip allowing  you to carry the case on your belt any where, any time. Finally, thanks to clean stitching lines, it gives your device an elegant and aesthetically pleasing look. Buy now and also receive: a VG Executive Laser Pointer- Stylus Pen, a Universal Cell phone Windshield Mount  and a 3.5mm Stereo Auxiliary Audio Cable!

    $49.95 $24.99
  • iTALKonline HTC Desire 816 BLACK Executive Wallet Case Cover Skin Cover with Credit / Business Card Holder

    This cool wallet case has everything from protection, fashion to versatility that will satisfy your need! Made of high-quality and durable materials, it protects your HTC Desire 816 against scratches, dust or dirt while its magnetic clip, along with comfortable card slots, keeps your necessities totally secure. What’s more, with clean hand-stitched lines, it offers style, elegance and attractiveness. Buy now!

    $18.91 $7.51
  • iTALKonline HTC Desire 816 WHITE GEM FLOWER LEAF DIAMOND Flip Matic Easy Clip On Vertical Pouch Case Wallet Cover with Holder includes LCD Screen Protector plus MicroFibre Cleaning Cloth

    This smartphone’s best friend will certainly satisfy every need of yours. Check it out! Made of  high-quality material, this stylish, internally padded flip case protects your HTC Desire 816 against scratches, bumps,drops, dust or dirt while its beautifully designed cover with white-gem-flower-leaf pattern offers style and great personality. Also easy to install, it gives you full access to all of your phone’s features without removing the case. Buy now and get an exclusive twin pack including 1 case and 1 screen protector!

    $18.91 $9.40
  • Skinomi® TechSkin – HTC Desire 816 Screen Protector Premium HD Clear Film with Lifetime Replacement Warranty / Ultra High Definition Invisible and Anti-Bubble Crystal Shield – Retail Packaging

    This perfect screen protector will shield your HTC Desire 816 from every kinds of damage! Check it out ! Designed with 4 protective film layers made of self-healing, flexible, tough, military-grade TPU, it’s highly impact-absorbing, scratch-proof, puncture, UV resistant and yellow-resistant. What’s more, thanks to its material’s flexibility and laser-cut technique, this protector offers full coverage even on curved screens. It’s also optically transparent, HD clear with smooth glass-like surface. Finally, the installation is easy, error-proof, and bubble-free. Buy now and experience the marvel!

    $16.95 $12.95
  • Yousave Accessories HTC Desire 816 Case Black Silicone X-Line Cover

    Looking for ultimate protection and style? Check this out! Made of black silicone gel, this case is flexible, durable, extremely lightweight and highly defensive with upraised, textured x-shaped back providing your HTC Desire 816 with excellent grip and great protection against drops, scuffs, chips  and scratches. Also, it has perfect cut-outs for camera / charger all other buttons and features. Finally, with the x-shape on the back, this cool case gives your device instant appeal and elegance. Buy now and also receive a clear screen protector and a soft micro fibre polishing cloth!

  • Yousave Accessories HTC Desire 816 Case White PU Leather Flip Cover With Mini Stylus Pen And Car Charger

    Protective and Convenient are the most suitable words to describe this cool flip case. Check it out! Made of tough premium-quality faux leather, it provides your HTC Desire 816 with great protection against scuffs, scratches, dust or dirt. Beside protection, this defensive case also offers both total security and convenience with magnetic clasp for easy access to touch-screen in no time! Finally, it features exact cut-outs for camera and ports, ensure it fits your device perfectly. Buy now and also let your need be fulfilled with a clear screen protector,  soft micro fibre polishing cloth, mini aluminium Stylus Pen and USB car charger!